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The Emotion Code is an energy based technique, which helps you identify and release hidden negative trapped emotions. This is done by tapping into the subconscious mind and using kinesiology, a form of muscle testing, we can find those unwanted negative energies, they are then released by rolling a magnet down the main governing meridian. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether you are dealing with emotional issues, pain, or need help with clearing emotional baggage, here at Infinitive Healing I can help you to release these negative energies. I offer face to face sessions and online skype sessions too. I am based in Buckinghamshire, but offer my services to clients globally.

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I just want to thank Johanna for helping me release my ongoing anxiety which I have suffered for as long as I can remember, she got to the root cause of my issues and cleared them with such ease, she has a wonderful calming and caring approach and I felt at total ease in her presence. I felt the difference massively after my second session. When a situation arises now, I deal with things in such a different manner, it’s just fantastic to be feeling less stressed, my whole life has changed and I feel like a new person!! I can’t thank you enough..

Sarah. Milton Keynes. In person sessions and online sessions.

I have had several sessions with Johanna, which she has removed a large number of trapped emotions and completely cleared my heartwall, The results are, that I am much calmer and have stopped being stressed about some serious things which were worrying me. However, I am now also much more confident and not afraid to stand up for myself. Incredibly she has also removed a trapped emotion which led to a long standing pain in my right shoulder which my chiropractor could not cure, after many visits and exercises. I’d recommend anyone to try a session with Jo, it’s easy, non-invasive and the results are amazing.

Carol. Oxfordshire. In person sessions.

I would 100% recommend having the Emotion Code done by Johanna, it’s just amazing how simple she gets to the root cause of your problems and symptoms, and you don’t have to re live traumatic experiences either by talking about them. She finds them and releases them. So you’re not left feeling drained by dredging up old past wounds. Also, my severe neck pain, that I have had for over 3 years and visited physiotherapists and chiropractors and taken numerous pain killers for has gone. I feel wonderful!! Thank you so so much.

Barbara. Milton Keynes. In person session.

I met Johanna whilst she was walking her dog and I was mine, he has been suffering from a limp for about a year, we have had numerous costly visits to the vets, scans, blood tests all have returned normal. When Johanna told me what she does, I thought I’d give anything a go, but was a little skeptical, it was no more short than a miracle in my eyes, she found the emotions that were causing his limp, removed them and his limp has gone, I still can’t actually believe it. So I would recommend Johanna and her ability’s in this wonderful healing modality to anyone.

Barbara. Milton Keynes. In person session.

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